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SABO Measures

Avalanche prevention works

Protective fences are installed to protect local communities from snow avalanche.

Consolidation works / Revetment works

The works create a space that serves to prevent erosion of river and valley banks and allow people to appreciate waterfront landscape. Streams are provided with fish passes to conserve the ecosystem.

Debris flow prevention works

A sabo dam with a sand pool space is built where a debris flow runs down and is deposited so as to directly receive and capture a debris flow.

Hillside works

Vegetation works, land retainers and drainage systems are given and installed on mountain and hill sides to restore vegetation and prevent slope failure and sediment runoff.

Landslide prevention works

Ground water is drained and piles are driven into the ground to prevent the ground from starting to move and sliding downward.

Measures against woody debris

Slit type dams are built to effectively check the run-off of trees fallen by wind or other causes.

Sabo dam

Sabo dams control large amount of sediment outflow like a debris flow without causing damages along the downstream.

Sabo for volcanoes

Protects people from a pyroclastic flow, debris flow and lava flow accompanied with volcanic activities.

Slope failure prevention works

Protects people from disasters caused by a slope failure.