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Dear ISN Members,

By this first message as Representative of International Sabo Association (ISA), I would like, first of all, to inform you of the recent change in personnel affairs (May-June 2009). Mr. Shun Okubo who had been Director General of Japan Sabo Association (JSA) and concurrently Representative of ISA became Adviser of JSA. Mr. Masao Okamoto, who had been Executive Director of JSA succeeded to the post of Director General of JSA and I succeeded to the post of Representative of ISA.

Let me briefly introduce myself. I worked for the Japanese Government for nearly 50 years (MLIT* 1962-1990 and JICA**1990-March 2009). Meanwhile, I worked for Typhoon Committee (Manila 1977-1980), UNDRO*** (Geneva 1981-1984), Water Induced Disaster Prevention Technical Center (Kathmandu 1992-1995), Caribbean Disaster Management Project (Barbados 2002-2005) and Central America BOSAI project (Panama 2007-2008). Besides these overseas assignments, I visited many countries involved in various projects for disaster reduction and water resources development. In the list of ISA participants, I find several names whom I met before, and I hope they may remember me too.

The latest version of "International Sabo Network (ISN)" (http://www.sabo-int.org) carries a brief description of the disaster in Japan from end of July to early August mostly by debris flows caused by heavy rainfall and Typhoon No.9. At the same time, Taiwan also seriously suffered from Typhoon No.8 in early August. Relief operation still continues as of today. It is hoped that "New technologies presented in ISN will be usefully applied to reconstruction works in the affected areas".

More detailed description of the disasters and lessons learnt will appear later through the kind contribution of ISN participants of Japan and Taiwan.

With the monsoon/typhoon/cyclone/hurricane season prevailing for another couple of months, the potential of disaster occurrence is high in most ISA participating countries. It is appreciated if you would contribute to "Disaster Case" whenever major disasters take place. Contribution to any other column of ISN as well as comments on contents of ISN to make it more useful for ISA participants will also be highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Hidetomi Oi

President, International Sabo Association

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
**JICA :
Japan International Cooperation Agency
***UNDRO :
United Nations Disaster Relief Office (renamed to OCHA in 1997)