2017 May, Cancún, Mexico

Name/Title JICA’s Technical Cooperation Project, “Project for Strengthening National Strategy of Integrated Natural Disaster Risk Management” received the UN Sasakawa Prize
Venue: Country,City Mexico, Cancún
Date on May 25, 2017
Detail Project for Strengthening National Strategy of Integrated Natural Disaster Risk Management (GIDES Project) received the Sasakawa Award Certificate of Distinction 2017 from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR ) for the contributions to the reduction of risks of natural disasters.

The Project is coordinated by the National Department of Urban Development (SNDU), Ministry of Cities, in partnership with the Brazilian Geological Survey (CPRM), Ministry of Mines and Energy, National Center for Risk and Disaster Management (CENAD) , The Ministry of National Integration and the National Center for Monitoring and Alert of Natural Disasters (CEMADEN) of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications. The project also foresees closer technical cooperation relations among Japan and Brazil in the development of projects in the area of sediment-related disaster prevention related to landslides, urban expansion planning, risk mapping and monitoring, and contingency plans.

The prize awarding ceremony took place on May 25 during the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Cancún, Mexico. The event discussed the implementation of the Sendai Protocol, in which Brazil is one of the signatories of the treaty with the UN.

Established for 31 years, Sasakawa prize is awarded every two years to entities and institutions operating in the area of disaster management. The distinction is aimed at UN recognition at the global level of best practices that contribute for reducing or mitigating the risks of landslides and other disasters.

As a result of the agreement signed between the Japanese and Brazilian governments, with the participation of federal, state and municipal bodies, GIDES Project aims to improve and strengthen the National Policy on Protection and Civil Defense (PNPDEC). Established by Law 12,608 of 2012, the Policy is designed to reduce the risks of natural disasters and to recover affected areas.

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