2006 Mar, Mexico City, Mexico

Name/Title The 4th World Water Forum
Venue: Country,City Mexico City, Mexico
Date From March 16 to 22, 2006
Detail Yoshiharu Ishikawa(Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Graduate School)

A conference was held concerning five framework themes: (1) Water for Growth and Development, (2) Implementation of Comprehensive Water Resources Management, (3) Water Supply and Sanitation for All People, (4) Water Management for Food and Environment, and (5) Risk Management. Also covered were five cross-sectional tasks: (1) A New Model of Fundraising for Local Water Initiatives, (2) Institutional Development and Political Processes, (3) Capability Development and Social Study, (4) Application of Science, Technology and Knowledge, and (5) Target, Monitoring and Evaluation of Implementation, and the session meetings were held on topics related to each of these themes and cross-sectional tasks.

The session meeting for sediment-related disasters, which dealt with the fifth theme of Risk Management, focused on the session theme, “To Reduce the Loss of Human Life Caused by Water-related Disasters, Including Tsunamis and Landslides.” As its theme indicates, the session was related to the damage caused by the tsunamis which were triggered by the devastating earthquake off Sumatra in October 2004, and the sediment-related disaster caused by the landslide in Leyte, the Philippines, in February 2006.

Regarding sediment disasters, Dolores Hipolito, Project Manager of the Flood Control and Erosion Engineering Center at the Department of Public Works and Highways, the Philippines provided a report entitled, “Outline of the Landslide that Occurred in Leyte, the Philippines”. Royal Nepalese Ambassador to Japan Ramesh Anada Vaidya also delivered a report entitled, “Landslide Disasters in Nepal and the Responses of the Nepalese Government.”(Photo1) I myself gave a talk called, “Outline of Sediment-related Disasters in Japan and Recent Nonstructural Measures.”(Photo2) Ole Moesby, Under-Secretary for Multilateral Development Cooperation of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke about tsunami and sediment-related disaster, and the Pakistani Minister of Power and Water, Liaqat Ali Jatoi, commented on water and tsunami related disasters.

Exhibition of Mr. Vaidya (The Nepalese Ambassador to Japan)
Exhibition of Myself