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Message From the Representative of International Sabo Network

The invaluable lives and precious property were lost all over the world due to the sediment-related disasters at present. Those related food and energy issues are still noticeable all over the world. Because the environmental changes will cause more sediment-related disasters in the future, the International Sabo Network was established to create the safe and stable social infrastructure and to form the environmentally-friendly land by comprehensively working on mitigating and preventing the damage of the sediment-related disasters.

The International Sabo Network provides the system for officials and engineers of all nationalities, who engage in preventing sediment-related disasters, to share the information about sediment-related disasters and measures.

I'm delighted that you've decided to take a closer look at all we offer.

Shun Okubo

Shun Okubo

Representative of International Sabo Network Director General of Japan Sabo Association President of Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering

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