-2014 Nov 25-28, Japan

Name/Title INTERPRAEVENT2014 in the Pacific Rim
Venue: Country,City Nara, Japan
Date November 25-28, 2014

From November 25 to November 28, 2014, "INTERPRAEVENT2014 in the Pacific Rim" was held in Nara (Japan).
291 participants from totally 25 nations were registered for the congress.In addition, the symposium’s executive committee admitted that local inhabitants could participate free only on November 25, and 116 people participated.

Following the opening addresses by Dr. Yoshiharu Ishikawa, Chairman of the symposium’s executive committee, Ms. Maria Patek, Vice-chairman of INTERPRAEVENT, Dr. Hiroyuki Ohno, Director General of Sabo Department, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Dr. Bernhard Zimburg, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Japan, Mr. Shogo Arai, Governor of Nara Prefecture, six keynote lectures and 36 oral presentations and 4 disaster reports were made before the panel discussion at the end. In addition, a poster session featuring 57 topics was given. On the day between main sessions, one-day study tours (3 courses) took place. In course 1, participants visited Akadani area in which mass sediment movement of deep-seated landslide occurred by torrential rain of Typhoon Talas in September, 2011. In course 2, participants visited Kamenose area where is a typical landslide area of Japan, and Horyu-ji temple, the existing oldest wooden architecture in the world. In course 3, participants visited historical sites in Nara city, Nara Palace Site and Todaiji Temple etc.

The participants learned about the present status of sediment-related disaster prevention measures in Japan and experienced Japanese culture and history through these tours.
In the closing ceremony, a draft of recommendation from the symposium was proposed by Dr. Yoshiharu Ishikawa and the process of revision on the draft was approved by the participants. INTERPRAEVENT2016 in Lucerne, Switzerland was announced by Dr. Josef Hess, Vice Director, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, and closing address was given by Dr. Masao Okamoto, Chairman of the Pacific Rim INTERPRAEVENT Committee of Japan.

Recommendation (PDF: 51.5KB)

Group photo with guests and speakers

Congress opening in the Noh Theatre

Study tour in the deep-seated landslide area, Akadani