-2013 May, Japan

Name/Title The 10th Japan-Korea Conference on Sediment-related Disaster Prevention Technologies
Venue: Country,City Tokyo, Japan
Date May. 17, 2013

The Japan-Korea Conference on Sediment-related Disaster Prevention Technologies is held to exchange information and opinions regarding the latest developments of measures against sediment-related disasters in Japan and South Korea. With the purpose of contributing to future sediment control administration and technological developments in both countries, the first conference was held in South Korea in 2002.

The subsequent conferences were held alternately in Japan and South Korea every year. During the last two years of 2011 and 2012, immense disasters hit both countries and the conference was postponed because of the need of fully respond to the disasters, but the 10th conference was held finally in Japan on May 17, 2013.

The themes of the conference were issues that are shared by both countries, namely 1) sediment control projects in urban areas, and 2) effects of climate changes on sediment disasters. Both countries made presentations on the latest developments and exchanged opinions on these themes.

Many subjects were discussed that were related to the presentations from both countries. They included establishing a manager in charge of measures to protect roads, using construction techniques in narrow places, the relationship between constructors and landowners, identifying hazardous places in a deep-seated landslide, the staging of alert levels and its development, operating sediment control projects in cooperation with private sector groups, and applying observed data with a hydrophone.

During the conference, moreover, the result of joint research by both countries on the quantification of sediment disasters utilizing two indices, sediment transport and damage scales, was reported.

At the end, both countries discussed how the conference, this time marking its 10th anniversary, should be held in the future.

The conference minutes set out the intention for continued cooperation in both administration and development related to sediment disasters, and mentioned that the next conference would be held in 2014 in South Korea, and they were agreed and signed.

Both countries also agreed to review the past 10 conferences, summarize them in a report, make a roadmap for future cooperation between both countries and issues to be discussed, and enhance the partnership.

Photo 1. At the conference

Photo 2. After signing the conference minutes

Photo 3. Participants of the conference