-2012 Oct., Taiwan

Name/Title The 2012 Taiwan-Japan Joint Research Conference on Sabo
Venue: Country,City Taitung city, Taiwan
Date Oct. 14-20, 2012

A group of five researchers (leader: Shun Okubo, advisor of Japan Sabo Association) visited Taiwan from October 14 to 20, 2012. The 2012 Taiwan-Japan Joint Research Conference on Sabo was held there, and the researchers participated in the symposium and on-site observations.

The symposium consisted of lectures on two topics by Kazuki Matsumura, professor of Kyoto Prefectural University and Daisuke Higaki, professor of Hirosaki University from Japan and two topics by the Taiwanese participants. The participants also engaged in active dialogue sessions afterwards.

As on-site observations, the participants visited the site of a sediment-related disaster caused by Typhoon Saola in July 2012 and Typhoon Tembin in August, the dammed lake on the Longquan River that was formed in 2006, Central Geological Survey, and other sites. The participants also actively exchanged opinions at all observation sites.

Photo: Participants of the symposium

Photo: On-site observation (Longquan River)