-2011 Jan., Jeju, Korea

Name/Title The 43rd session of Typhoon Committee
Venue: Country,City Jeju, Korea
Date Jan. 17to22, 2011

The 43rd session of Typhoon Committee was held on the Island of Jeju in Korea for six days from January 17 to 22, 2011.

Hazard Mapping against Sediment-rerated disaster Project (leader: researcher Shinichiro Hayashi of the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management(NILIM)) is now being implemented under the initiative of the Sabo Department in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan and the Erosion and Sediment Control Division of NILIM. Five countries and one region — China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, and Japan — are participating in the project.

Japan proposed methods to set up dangerous areas for sediment-related disasters and the concept of creating hazard maps in 2009. Other countries are determining model sites and designating hazard areas based on the proposal and creating hazard maps by adding information such as evacuation sites. A guideline compiling technologies to set up hazard areas and points to be examined in individual countries was supposed to be created in 2011 in the initial plan. Yet, the field training conducted in the Integrated Workshop last year was so popular that participants requested the field training to be implemented again, and it was planned again in the workshop in Vietnam in November 2011. Thus, the production of guideline was rescheduled in 2012, and the project was also postponed until 2012.

At The 43rd session of Typhoon Committee