-2011 Dec., Japan

Name/Title The 2011 Japan-Taiwan Joint Research Conference on Sabo
Venue: Country,City Japan
Date Dec., 2011

The 2011 Japan-Taiwan Joint Research Conference on Sabo was held in Japan from Dec. 18 (Sun.) to 24 (Sat.), 2011 with the participation of 18 delegates from the Chinese Soil and Water Conservation Society and the Taiwan Disaster Prevention Society.

At the technical session on Dec. 22 (Thu.), four presentations were made by Taiwanese participants and three presentations by Japanese participants, followed by a general discussion where participants from both countries actively exchanged their views.

Before the technical session, a study tour was organized to visit the Kii Peninsula which suffered serious damage due to the sediment-related disaster caused by Typhoon No. 12 in September 2011. Participants visited damage sites and landslide dams (river blockage) along the Nachi river basin in Nachi-Katsuura Town, Wakayama Prefecture on Dec. 19 (Mon.) and in Totsukawa Village and Gojo City, Nara Prefecture on Dec. 20 (Tue.). The participants saw the actual damage and also actively exchanged views at the site.

Photo 1 Technical session

Photo 2 Participants being briefed on damage at the river blockage