-2010 Nov., Korea

Name/Title The 9th Japan-Korea Conference on Sediment-related Disaster Prevention Technologies
Venue: Country,City Korea
Date Nov., 2010

From Tuesday November 23 to Thursday 25, 2010, the 9th Japan-Korea Conference on Sediment-related Disaster Prevention Technologies was held in Seoul, South Korea. This conference is intended for exchanges of information and opinions about the latest trends of activities in relation to measures for addressing sediment-related disasters in Japan and South Korea. Since the first conference held in South Korea in 2002 for the purpose of contributing to future sabo administration and technological research and development of the two countries, the conference has been alternately hosted by Japan and South Korea with the present one being the ninth.

1. Outline of the conference

Date: November 23, 2010
Venue: Korea Forest Research Institute (Seoul)
Participants (presenters)

<From South Korea>

Mr. Young-Man Sim (Director, Forest Engineering and Rehabilitation Division, Korea Forest Service)
"The Present Situations of Sabo Projects and Orientation of Policies of South Korea"
Mr. Sang-Jun Im (Associate Professor, Seoul National University)
"The Standard Productivity of Sabo Structures in South Korea"
Mr. Ho-Joong Youn (Professor, Korea Forest Research Institute)
"The History of Sabo Project Facilities and Latest Sabo Projects"
Dr. Min-Sik Kim (Director, Korea Sabo Association)
"Locations and Arrangement of Sabo Structures Nationwide"

<From Japan>

Noriyuki MINAMI (Director, Sabo Planning Division, Sabo Department, River Bureau, MLIT)
"Conditions of Sediment-related Disasters in Recent Years and Sabo Administration"
Makoto URA (Director for Land Conservation Coordination, Land Conservation Division, Sabo Department, River Bureau, MLIT)
"Driftwood Disasters in Japan and Countermeasures"
Tadanori ISHIZUKA (Chief Researcher, Erosion and Sediment Control Research Group, Public Works Research Institute)
"Latest Research Trends regarding Sediment-related Disasters"
Hiroyuki ONO (Technical Manager, Sabo Technical Center)
"Environmentally-conscious Sabo Facilities (Sabo in Miyajima)"

In relation to the presentations from the two countries, various topics were discussed including response to campaigns against projects, restriction of private rights based on the Sediment-related Disaster Prevention Law, delisting of sabo-designated areas (sabo project areas in South Korea), warning and evacuation for sediment-related disasters and sabo soil cement method.

In the conference, which is the ninth since the first one, "furnishing of the conditions for collaborative work and definition of specific themes" was adopted as the subject and the minutes were signed in relation to the decision to conduct joint research and development in addition to the activities of the respective countries and to the coordination regarding the determination of the themes. The three points of the minutes signed are as follows.

Signing of the minutes