-2008 May 26 to 30, Austria

Venue: Country,City Dornbirn, Austria
Date May 26 to 30, 2008

The 11th International Congress INTERPRAEVENT 2008 was held in Dornbirn, Austria from May 26 to May 30.

A one-day study tour was conducted on May 28. A total of 12 courses highlighting sediment/erosion control and avalanche prevention in the European Alpine region were organized. We participated in the course featuring torrent management and avalanche control technologies in the Bludenz District, and visited a historic massive collapse site (Schesa) and other sabo facilities consolidating torrents against debris flows (Picture-1).

A number of researchers and engineers from around the world, including Japan, Asia and Pacific-rim countries, and Alpine region counties in Europe, attended the sessions for a wide range of academic exchanges on disaster prevention (Picture-2).

Picture-1 Site visit

Picture-2 Scene of the session