-2007 Sep, Thailand

Name/Title Japan-Thailand Sabo Seminar
Venue: Country,City Thailand
Date September 9-15, 2007

The "International Sabo Seminar and Inspection Tour", as part of international exchange activities, was conducted in Thailand this year. A team leader, Tadahiro MATSUSHITA (Director of Japan Sabo Association and 9 members participated in this seminar. They visited the hills around Nakhon Ratchasima to see the status of soil eroded by forest development and observation activities in a test site, while visiting a mountain-ringed region to see a site that was seriously damaged by a sediment-related disaster last year. After that, they exchanged views with members involved in Thailand. Furthermore, the Sabo seminar was held on September 12. About 40 persons from the counterpart's administrative organizations, universities and mass media took part in this seminar. Under floor management of Hideji MAITA, associate professor of Tsukuba University and Kosit LORSIRIRAT, a manager of the Irrigation Bureau, Masao OKAMOTO, standing director of Japan Sabo Association, Keiji MUKAI, section chief of Technology Section, SABO Technical Center, and Nipon TANGTHAM and Suthep JUNKHEW, Forest Institution of Kasetsart University, made presentations.

Disaster site visit (Uttaradit Prefecture)

Group photo of seminar participants