-2007 Nov, Japan

Name/Title Cities on Volcanoes 5
Venue: Country,City Shimabara-city, nagasaki pref., Japan
Date Nov. 19-23, 2007
The "Cities on Volcano 5" conference was held for five days from Nov. 19 to Nov. 23, 2007 in Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecutre, hosted by Shimabara Municipal Government and the Volcanological Society of Japan. The total participants in the conference, held for the first time in Asia, were 584 persons (Domestic 308, Overseas 276).
Main Programs
Academic programs
As the academic programs, interdisciplinary research fields related to volcanoes were divided into three major themes and they were addressed at the symposiums.

Symposium 1 (Knowing Volcanoes) highlighted recent developments in volcanic research ranging from volcanic eruptions, eruption prediction and information, to volcanic disasters through presentations and discussions.

Symposium 2 (Volcanoes and Cities) covered topics such as crisis management during eruptions, assessment of impacts of volcanic activities on life and infrastructure, disaster mitigation measures, and land-use planning.

Symposium 3 (Living with Volcanoes) discussed the wisdom to live in the volcanic environment, featuring such aspects as the importance of education and communication to disaster mitigation, cooperation among different fields, and pass-on of past disaster and recovery experiences, by inviting citizens as well.

The following forums were held during the conference.
Forum on Volcanic Disaster Seen from Citizens
Citizens and Mass Media Forum
Forum on How to Pass on Lessons Learned from Past Disasters
Discussion with Local People Who Experienced Unzen Disaster
Forum on Volcanic Sabo and Disaster Reduction
Kid's Volcano Workshop
Eat Volcanoes! Volcano Experiments in Kitchen
Volcano Q&A in Shimabara: Let's Ask Volcanologists in the World.