-2007 Mar, Indonesia

Name/Title Study meeting for "Banjir bandang"
Venue: Country,City Jakarta, Indonesia
Date March 8, 2007

At the seminar, Director Widagdo of the Directorate General of Water Resources (DGWR), Department of Public Works presented the situations of Banjir bandang disasters in Indonesia. From the Japan side, Head Osanai of the Erosion and Sediment Control Division, Research Center for Disaster Risk Management introduced a warning and evacuation system against sediment-related disasters. Also, Senior Researcher Yamakoshi of Erosion and Sediment Control Research Group, Public Works Research Institute reported the field survey results on the Banjir bandang disaster which occurred in the Jember district in Indonesia.

  Through the presentations and discussions, the following were identified. In Indonesia, Banjir bandang is clearly distinguished from an ordinary river flood and it is recognized as more like a debris flow which occurs abruptly. Concerning the damage, only the damages to human lives, housing, and public structures are focused in Japan. But, in the case of Indonesia damage to cultivated land is equally important.

  In Indonesia, Banjir bandang disasters occur every year. But, the number is expected to increase further as the land development continues in local cities and the economic growth advances. To address the situation, it was agreed that actions such as establishment of a warning and evacuation system and provision of a disaster preparedness education are very important. As the concluding remarks, Director Widagdo commented that continued technological assistance from Japan is essential to their efforts against Banjir bandang disasters which have not been sufficiently regarded.

Scene of the seminar