-2006 Sep, Niigata, Japan

Name/Title Interpraevent international symposium
Venue: Country,City Niigata, Japan
Date From Sep 25-29, 2006

1. Symposium

Hosted by the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering and Niigata University and co-hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and other organizations, an Interpraevent international symposium, as an event of Interpraevent, was held in Niigata, which has drawn attention of those who are involved in disaster prevention across the world since it was struck by serious sediment disasters caused by Mid-Niigata Earthquake in October 2004.

A collaborative study of erosion control between Japan and Taiwan has been continued for 17 years since 1989, and discussions based on work sites have been made by visiting each other's country every year.

The symposium was held at Niigata University from September 25 to 29, 2006 and had approx. 170 participants from 19 countries. In the oral session, 33 presentations in 8 themes were made by domestic and overseas participants, and the participants had discussions on these themes.

Concurrently with the oral session, poster sessions on 51 titles were held as well.

Opening ceremony

Session hall

Oral Session Timetable

September 25 Landslide(1) Chigira, M.
  Landslide(2) and Snow Avalanche       Kienholz, H.
September 26 Triggering Mechanisms Bruckl, E.
  Hill-slope Stability Fiebiger, G.
  Discharge and Flooding Marutani, T.      
  Monitoring and Hazard Mapping Rohner, K.
September 27 Rock Fall Stokes, A.
  Mitigation Strategies Patek, M

2. Study Tour
On September 28 and 29, following the symposium, study tours were held. In the one-day tour on September 28, the participants visited Yamakoshi in Nagaoka-city, Niigata, which was seriously damaged by Mid-Niigata Earthquake, and in which the restoration work is still being carried on. In the half-day tour on the next day, they visited the Okawatsu discharge channel, which plays an important role in flood control of the Shinano river. They also visited the reference library, where they were provided with the explanations about the history and roles of the channel.

Study tour (Koshinampei, Nagaoka)