-2006 Nov, Nantou, Taiwan

Name/Title International (Austria, Japan, and Taiwan) Symposium-Sediment-related Disaster Prevention-
Venue: Country,City Nantou, Taiwan
Date Nov 14-15, 2006

The cooperative study on Sabo between Taiwan and Japan has been continued for 17 years since 1989, and annual mutual visits between Taiwanese and Japanese officials have enabled site-based discussions.

On November 14 and 15, an International (Austria, Japan, and Taiwan) Symposium - Sediment-related Disaster Prevention -, which was hosted by the Taiwan Disaster Prevention Society, was held at International Conference Hall of National Cheng Kung University (Nantou City, Nantou County). Five members from Japan led by Mr. Kondo Koichi (Sabo Technical Center) were invited by the host to this symposium. Other participants were Mr. Kazuya Akiyama (National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry), Mr. Junichi Kambara (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Pref.), Mr. Youichi Miki (Sabo Frontier Foundation), and Mr. Sohei Abe (Japan Sabo Association). From Austria, three members, Dr. Gernot FIEBIGER, Dr. Christian WEBER, and Dr. Joerg HEUMADER, participated in the symposium. During the symposium, presentations and discussions of study results on 23 issues, including three issues covered by keynote speeches, were made.

Japanese investigation team taking commemorative photos in front of the symposium hall (International Conference Hall of National Cheng Kung University)

Japanese and Austria joint investigation team visiting the site of the closed river road due to massive failure (Longquan valley, Taitong County)