-2005 Jan, Japan

Name/Title The United Nations World Conference on Disaster Redution
Venue: Country,City Japan, Kobe
Date Jan 18-22,2005
Organizer United Nations
Abstract On January 18-22, 2005, the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction (WCDR) was held in Kobe, Japan. Responding to the Tsunami disaster in the Pacific Ocean that caused devastating damage at the end of 2004, the joint statement proclaimed as the Hyogo Declaration referred to the need of establishing a Tsunami early warning system in the Pacific Ocean area. It was also confirmed in this declaration that natural disasters are a major obstacle to the sustainable development and eradication of poverty, and that confronting and mitigating natural disasters is one of the most important tasks of the international society. Concerning the sediment-related disasters, it was agreed that further efforts should be taken to promote the establishment of an early warning system and to implement community-level activities towards the mitigation of disaster risks.
The United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction


Name/Title Sabo Volunteer Forum in Kobe
Venue: Country,City Japan, Kobe
Date Jan 21,2005
Organizer The Hyogo-kenNanbu Earthquake 10th Commemorative events Executive Committee
Abstract The Sabo Volunteer Forum in Kobe was held at the Portopia in Kobe participated by about 200 persons, under the sponsorship of the executive committee for the Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake 10th commemorative events (chairman: Mr. T. Yoshikawa; Director of the Rokko Sabo Works Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT)). This forum was held concurrently with the session of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction. Seven panelists took part in the panel discussion, including Director General Kondo of the Sabo Department of the MLIT and former Vice-Governor Tamarimizu of Hyogo Prefecture who directed the restoration work after the earthquake, and Chairman Tabata of the National Council of Sabo Volunteers sat as the moderator. Active discussions continued on various topics, such as the support activities taken by volunteers for early restoration at the time of the earthquake in 1995, as well as on the future activities and the desirable form of support of the Sabo Volunteer group which was organized after the earthquake. Attended this forum were sabo volunteers and sabo-related officials from across the country, and members of the former "Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake Emergency Support Team for Sediment-Related Disaster Prevention" who inspected dangerous sites immediately after the earthquake.

??SABO Volunteer Forum in Kobe