-2005 Aug, Indonesia

Venue: Country,City Indonesia, Yogyakarta
Date Aug 3-5, 2005
Organizer Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Indonesia
Government of Yogyakarta Special Province
Gadjah Mada University
Japan International Cooperation Agency

International Conference on Integrated Sediment Disaster Management

1. Introduction

In Indonesia, the “Integrated Sediment-Related Disaster Management (ISDM) project for volcanic areas” is underway. The ISDM project aims at establishing a comprehensive disaster prevention system which fits the social situations in Indonesia based on the achievements made through SABO technical cooperation. The project is being carried out with three basic concepts: (1) integration of structural- and non-structural measures, (2) cooperation between the central government and local governments, and (3) cooperation between governments (both central and local) and local residents.

From August 3 through August 6, 2005, an international conference with the theme of “Sediment-related disaster in 21 century ? Reforms aiming at raising the disaster prevention awareness for people’s well-being” with the purpose to broadly share the achievements of the activities of the ISDM project with the countries which also suffer sediment-related disasters. This international conference was co-hosted by Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia, Yogyakarta Special Region, Gajah Mada University (UGM), and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and more than 400 participants from Japan, Nepal, and the Philippines, not to mention Indonesia gathered this conference. I would like to make a report of it.

Photo-1 Group Photo of Participants

2. International Conference

2.1 Program

The programs of the international conference and other related events are given below.

  • August 3: Indonesia Sabo related experts’ conference (Yogyakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta), welcome dinner (Kraton (royal palace), Yogyakarta)
  • August 4: Opening session, technical session (UGM auditorium, Yogyakarta)
  • August 5: Panel discussion, closing session (UGM auditorium, Yogyakarta), site inspection tour (model site at the foot of Mt. Merapi), monument unveiling ceremony for Japan-Indonesia Sabo technical cooperation (Sabo dam at Gendol River, Mt. Merapi)
  • August 6: Monument unveiling ceremony for Japan-Indonesia Sabo technical cooperation (Wategna Sabo dam at Kulet volcano)

2.2 Opening ceremony and session

2.2.1 Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was started with a speech by Dr. Ir. Amron (Secretary of Directorate General of Water Resources Development, Ministry of Public Works), the chairman of the planning committee of the conference, explaining the background of the conference, and then Mr. Djoko Kirmanto, Minister of Public Works, gave a speech expressing gratitude toward Japan and Indonesia for their Sabo technical cooperation and toward the participants in the conference. After these speeches, signatures were written on the plate of the monument for Japan-Indonesia Sabo technical cooperation.
From the Japan side, Mr. Makino, Director of Land Conservation Div., SABO Dept., MLIT, Mr. Masato Watanabe, Minister of the Japanese Embassy, and Mr. Keiichi Kato of Resident Representative of JICA Indonesia Office made speeches, and Mr. Shun Okubo, Director General of Japan Sabo Association, read a message from Mr. Tadahiro Matsushita, Chairman of Keluarga SABO Japan on behalf of him.

Followed by the opening session, keynote speeches were made. From the Japan side, Mr. Kazuaki Ito (former NHK commentator) made a speech with a title of “Volcanic eruption and disaster prevention measures in recent years in Japan.” Then, Mr. Sugeng Tri Utomo from the Indonesia side made a keynote speech on the efforts to prevent and reduce disasters in Indonesia

2.2.2 Technical session

The following five technical sessions were held in the afternoon of August 4.

Photo-2 Opening Session

Moderator Speaker
I. National strategy to promote measures for sediment related disasters Dr. Pratikno (Indonesia) Ir. M. Nidhom Azhari, Dip. H (Indonesia)
Motoo Sakai (Japan)
Ir. Donny Azdan MS, Ma, Phd (Indonesia)
Mr. Masato Jyogasaki (Indonesia ISDM)
Jawahir Thontowi, SH, Phd (Indonesia)
II. Human resource cultivation to promote measures for sediment-related disasters Dr. Ir. Joko Legono (Indonesia) Dr. Subagyo Pramumijoyo (Indonesia)
Mr. Takeo Mitsunaga (Japan)
Mr. Toshiya Takeshi (Nepal)
Mr. Isessie C. Felizardo (Philippines)
Ir. Haryono, Dip. HE (Indonesia ISDM)
Yoshihiro Ueda (Indonesia ISDM)
Ir. Airlangga, MT (Indonesia)
III. Community development to promote measures for sediment-related disasters Dr. Muslimin Mustofa, MSc (Indonesia) H. Sarwidi (Indonesia)
Kismet Kosasih-CLGI (Indonesia)
Dr. Ir. Agnes D. Rampisela, MSc (Indonesia)
Mr. Wataru Sakurai (Philippines)
Drs. Parwito, Dip. H (Indonesia ISDM)
IV. Warning and evaluation system Masaharu Fujita (Japan) Dr. Sudibyakto (Indonesia)
Mr. Tomoyuki Noro (Japan)
Dr. Tuladhar, Ramesh, Man (Nepal)
Dr. Surono (Indonesia)
Drs. H. Strikno HS, Dip. H (Indonesia)
V. Measures for restoration and recurrence prevention Ir. H. Mulyanto, Dip. HE (Indonesia) Ir. Bambang Hargono, Dip. HE, MSc (Indonesia)
Mr. Munehiro Matsui (Japan)
Mr. Irwin L. Antonio (Philippines)
Mr. Samanta Man Sthapit (Nepal)