Disaster Area Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra Province
Date March 30, 2009
Type of Disaster Flash Flood (Debris Flow)
Detail 090330Indonesia_FlashFlood_Report (PDF; 394KB)


Disaster Area Bantul district etc., Central Java, Indonesia
Date Mar.27, 2006
Type of Disaster Landslide
Detail 060527IndonesiaJavaEarthquake (PDF; 1.58MB)


Disaster Area Jamber District, East Java
Banjarnegara District, Central Java
Date Jamber District:January 2
Banjarnegara District:January 4
Type of Disaster Jamber District:Banjir-Bandang Disaster
Banjarnegara District:Mudflow Disaster
Detail Sediment-related disasters that struck Indonesia in January 2006

2004 Mar.:
Disaster Area Jeneberang River Basin; South Sulawesi Province
Date Mar.26, 2004
Type of Disaster Landslide
2003 Oct.:
Disaster Area Bohorok River Basin; Bukit Rawang Area, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province
Date Oct.4, 2003
Type of Disaster Flash Flood
Detail Countermeasures for two big disasters by ISDM project

Disaster Area Mt. Bawakaraeng, Makassar
Date Mar. 26, 2004
Type of Disaster Slope Failure
Detail Report on the Large-Scale Landslide at Mt. Bawakaraeng in Sulawesi (PDF; 4.81MB)