Cases of Disaster

Preventive Works against Landslides and Monitoring

A preventive works against landslides is focused on a counterweight fill works that weighs down landslide ends to ensure long-term stability of a slope. A drainage well works is implemented as a groundwater removal works in order to restrain the rise of a groundwater level. In addition, the slope in landslide soil mass disrupted is shaped while a head main scarp is improved by cutting.

On the other hand, monitoring cameras are installed at the occurrence of a landslide to watch landslides on a continuous and real time basis, while an automatic monitoring system is established that can identify landslide variations on a ground surface and a slipping surface.

Cross section of preventive measures against landslides

Plan after the landslide

House completely destroyed and extrusion phenomenon of ground surface

Status of landslide ends

Collapsed as cracked on the surface of a paddy field

Subsidence zone observed at the head

Location Map

Himi Work Office, Takaoka Doboku Center, Toyama Prefecture